Hudson's Safety Culture Ladder

Hudson’s Safety Culture Ladder

As part of my role with JLT, I’ve been doing a lot of work on safety culture with the Victorian local government sector.

Patrick Hudson; a leader on safety culture and performance, believes that all workplace accidents are attributed to workplace culture.  In the past we’ve spent so much time on OHS technology, engineering and regulation, and also with the establishment of safety management systems.  But what are we doing about culture?  What are we doing about making safety about people?

I’m going to write some articles around safety culture and how you can achieve positive results.

But for now, I’d like to ask business leaders:

Where do you think your organisation sits on Hudson’s Ladder?

Why do you think you belong there; do you have evidence to support it?

I’ve found when I’ve asked for evidence to support a person’s perception of their organisation’s position on the ladder, quite often are unable to provide it and end up moving themselves further down the ladder.  Very few organisations make it to the top rung of the ladder.

If you’re saying that you’re near the top, at ‘PROACTIVE – Safety leadership & values drive continuous improvement’, what are the things you’re doing as a leader to proactively drive safety. Be honest.

If you think you’re at ‘CALCULATIVE – We have systems in place to manage all hazards‘, what systems do you have in place? Who is responsible for them; you or the safety team? If you’ve outsourced responsibility to the safety team then you don’t really have a system at all.

So with that in mind, do you truly believe that you’re as high up the ladder as you think?

Have you been overly optimistic, and had to climb back down the ladder when you couldn’t find the evidence to support your position.

Are you happy with where you’re sitting?

If you originally thought you were higher up the ladder, to me that tells me that’s where you’d like to be.

Stay tuned for my future blogs and vlogs and find out how you can help your team or organisation climb the ladder, or contact me to discuss how I can help your organisation.