Our services can be scaled and customised to suit any organisation in any industry.

From sole traders to global corporations, our approach is completely scalable and repeatable.

We are based in Port Melbourne, on the edge of the Melbourne CBD.  From here we have easy access to West Gate Freeway, Monash Freeway and CitiLink.  Getting out to see you is easy.

For people outside of Victoria, we will travel!  We regularly travel to Adelaide, McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley, and will travel to all parts of Australia.  We also service and travel to China.

We can also provide a bulk of our services remotely using video conferencing, plus making regular face to face contact meetings on site.  We are very tech-savvy.

Strategy and Planning

Having a vision safety, health and wellbeing and a plan to achieve it is essential for success.

We start by getting the right people on board within your organisation, and conducting a thorough situational analysis.

We look at the the strengths and weaknesses of the internal organisation and explore the opportunities and threats in the external environment, then help set a future destination; a north star.

Then we help set some strategic objectives that will get the organisation headed in the right direction, and work with your operational areas to develop an achievable plan.

Our approach is very contemporary, using an agile approach to planing and implementation that ensures we are always working on the one or two things that will get the biggest result, and following those through to completion before moving on.

Health and Safety Management Systems

In the past, OHS consultants have developed incredibly detailed and overly prescriptive OHS management systems, policies and procedures that are don’t achieve their full potential.  Written by someone who sits at a desk, they sit there on a shelf and gather dust.

These old style management systems stood apart and independent from other business management systems, such as human resource management, risk management, procurement and finance, business planning, and governance.

We are not like the old school OHS consultants.

Our approach is develop simple, practical, policies and procedures that set out the key principles that need to be followed.  They’re written in plain English, and are developed in close collaboration with the leaders and workers who do the work and are responsible for managing safety in their areas.

The OHS management systems we develop and implement aim to give the people nearest the hazard everything they need to make a sound, informed decision on how to manage that hazard.

We ensure the OHS management system is fully integrated in to your whole of business, and compliments all other business management systems you have in place.  Safety is not an extra system; it’s a part of the business.

We start by understanding your organisation.  This is more than just a risk profiling exercise.  We look at your organisational architecture, systems and processes, culture and capabilities.

Then we work with your key managers, leaders and workers to develop and implement a fully integrated OHS management system that is owned by the people in your organisation.

Because we collaborate so much in the development of your OHS management system, we get to build trusting personal and professional relationships with your key stakeholders.  This enables us to coach them during the implementation and continuous improvement stage.  Our consultation and collaboration process is 75% of the implementation!

Leadership Development

We help leaders at all levels become great safety leaders.

Good leadership creates positive culture which creates high performing organisations.

We take a lot of care to build trusting personal and professional relationships with your leaders, and guide them towards being the best they can be.

We work with:

  • Executives;
  • Senior managers;
  • Middle managers;
  • Front line managers;
  • Risk, safety and HR managers
  • Health and safety representatives
  • Union representatives and delegates

We can develop and deliver customised safety, health and wellbeing training, education and development programs for all people in your organisation, making everyone a leader in safety.

Project Management

We use a blend of Project Management Institute’s PMBoK , with Prince2, and a whole lot of Agile.  When you take the knowledge from PMBoK, combine it with the structure and governance of Prince2, and throw in the flexibility of Agile; you get a great project management methodology.

We love managing projects.  Big and small.

From major projects across whole industries or sectors, to just small projects within a single organisation; we scale our approach to suit.

We will help with any management project you have!  It can be a HR project, risk project, governance project…

We can manage or coach projects for things like:

  • Develop and implement an employee health and wellbeing program
  • Reduce manual handling injuries
  • Improve chemical safety
  • Manage plant and equipment
  • Prevent and prepare for emergencies

When you get us in to manage a project or coach your project managers, you not only get a project that is delivered on time, on budget and to quality specifications, but your staff also learn about effective project management.

Change Management

Change is happening more than ever before and can be very costly if not done right.  It can be stressful for employees and often leads to psychological injuries, absenteeism and loss of productivity.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We are certified change management practitioners and use a hybrid blend of Prosci® and Kotter International methodologies.  Neither of these methodologies are complete, but when you bring them together, change management success becomes a reality.

Whether you are having an organisational restructure, introducing a new performance management system or new piece of software, we can help take care of the people side of your projects as well as the technical side.

Your Safety Coach is an experienced project manager and change manager and can help get your people from where they are now, to where you need them to be.

Safety cultural change

Culture gets results.  It is well researched and documented that organisations that have a positive safety, health and wellbeing culture achieve better performance results.

Safe and healthy workers are more engaged, are present when at work, take less days off, innovate more and produce a higher volume of higher quality work.

Achieving safety cultural change takes commitment and sustained effort from the very top of the organisation.  But we know this can be difficult when you have so many balls to juggle.

We coach leaders from the top to the bottom to achieve a positive safety culture in their organisation or area of responsibility, ensuring the ‘safety ball’ lands in your hand when and where you need it.

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